Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser unit

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser unit

SKU: LK003

Hand infrared sensor, intelligent quantitative disinfectant liquid.

▶Humanized appearance design, simple appearance, quality assurance.

▶Excess disinfectant anti-landing tray design.

▶1300ml large capacity tank, long-term use, easy to add and install the disinfectant.



Operating voltage DC6V±10%
Hand disinfection Liquid, gel, foam
Residual capacity prompt Intelligent sensing alarm of disinfectant residue
Capacity 1300ml refillable inner box
Spray pump head Service life more than 300,000 times



Application Scenarios

▶It can be used in schools, cinemas, supermarkets, checkpoints, subway stations, customs ports, airports, stations and other places for hand sanitizing.

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